Inventory Management

Track Sales, Improve Decision Making, Increase Profits

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AboutThe Product

Rolectix POS – Desktop & Live

A user friendly point of sale system with dynamic dashboard and comprehensive reporting, it works with barcode scanner and receipt printer.

Whatever your business process is we will customize the product for you according to your needs. It is cost effective and has a great set of features.


Sky Rocket Sales

Create sales opportunities and add repeated customers to your loyalty board.


Build a bridge to success with Rolectix POS system and step up your sales game. Drive customer acquisition, increase average purchasing size, and get real-time updates on opportunities for revenue growth.

Business Intelligence System

Rolectix POS is integrated with Business intelligence System. Become a retail wizard by having quick access to data. Our BI System helps retail businesses perform complex trend analysis on sales and financial information, analyze stock and business performance metrics, and discover new relationships between different sets of data.